This is your brain on HipHop

My love of Hip-hop is deep. It found me and nourished me. I get to travel and perform my testimony and also teach about it’s history. It has provided for my life because I’ve been true to it and I’m humbled. HipHop was my gateway to poetry. My parents divorced when I was 5 and I couldn’t see my mom because she was institutionalized because she deals with bipolar illness and depression. I later learned that in the time I was living with my grandparents she had a severe manic episode.this was nothing new as I would see this full on time after time down the road. My mother always came back to me and did whatever she had to do to get balance for herself and for my brother and I.  I remember feeling very lost but my grandparents were so very loving and did their best to take care of me in that season. My aunt allowed me to sit up late and watch MTV and BET and gave me my first journal where I wrote down everything,my grandma put that first Secret Wars comic series in my hand .my grandparents were so much fun an they loved music. I would rap into my grandpa’s wooden brush. I used to want to be famous but I found out fame is fleeting. I don’t mind sharing stuff but I truly just enjoy more personal moments. I think now I just want to be better than yesterday and evolve with purpose.i love being able to create. I now create for me and if you like it that’s cool. I love sharing my music and it really is a privilege to perform it. HipHop truly has saved me and the brave artist in it who shared thier stories with me I am forever grateful.