Sepsis (flipping poison)

One of my favorite movies as a child was the original “Nutty Professor”. I mean sure, Eddie Murphy’s remake was way better but I really enjoyed the original with Jerry Lewis as Buddy Love.
 I had to have been 11 years old when I caught the film on T.V. for the first time . I automatically wished I had a potion that made me that wild, smooth, yet crass, and carefree. I often felt powerless in my real life  keeping myself hidden or quiet. I used to get bullied alot and I just took it in stride. As I get older I realize that I suppress my anger which isn’t healthy at all.
  I’ve truly learned that if you let disrespect slide it will happen often and people will automatically assume that they can say or do anything to you. We truly live in an age where people will throw rocks and hide their hands.

        People often assume that I am a pushover because I am willing to try to be compassionate and show empathy. This absolutely doesn’t mean that I am willing to accept less in any relationship. I am in a place where I am detoxing my soul from anything that hinders peace of mind even if it hurts. I found another side of me that I was very upset to discover. I was very spiteful and angry until I began to put into feelings my hurt which is the song “Sepsis”.
  “Sepsis” is about taking the poison of someone slandering my name and flipping the pain into healing through music. It stems from a very ugly time in my life with very hurtful people.  Sadly, some folks will drink their own poison with hopes of making others sick. I won’t get too personal but that left me quite raw and if you listen to the content you will hear how I went from complete self destruction to realizing that the good and the bad help reveal your next moves and shape your path.

 In my heart I can admit that if anything I had a selfish heart for a season and before starting a relationship I should’ve kept a clean heart and chose moving forward fearlessly with love and a content heart. My earlier indiscretions humbled me and taught me about what it means to really look in the mirror.
 There were negative toxic people in my life that tried so desperately to pick me apart and I almost allowed myself to quit but as long as I have breath in my body the battle has already been won. 
“Sepsis” is a blatant fuck you to my critics and therapy as usual. This new album may offend some but i’d rather be me and tell things the way I see it.